The Academy: Objectives and Guidelines

Written on October 31, 2010. Written by .

The Academy is an organization that supports a community of members in achieving the following objectives:

Tier 1 involves such things as

Tier 2 involves such things as

Tier 3 involves such things as

These tiers are ordered due to the fact that it makes sense to start by focusing on tier 1 and move your focus to higher tiers when appropriate, but focusing on one tier does not mean the other two tiers should be neglected.

The following is one possible pathway. First save 6 months of living expenses while working full-time and focusing on tier 1. Then transition to a part-time job and focus on tier 2, putting most of your effort into acquiring income sources that earn more dollars per hour than your part-time job. When freelance and passive income streams are sufficient, quit the part-time job and start working on a high-profit-potential business. If the business stagnates or fails, liquidate it and try again until it works. Once a successful business is obtained, steer it toward philanthropic effectiveness and independence from your oversight so that you will have more flexibility with your time.

The following guidelines describe the general philosophy of the academy.

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