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Written on September 9, 2013. Written by .

Even though this book is not that fun or exciting, I still think it is a very important book to read because the main idea is so potentially important. The book argues that many chronic pain problems are “psychogenic” i.e. they are caused by mental processes. I decided to read this book after hearing about two smart and rational people who claimed to have miraculous cures to their chronic pain after reading this book.

The author’s theory, based on Freudian psychology, suggests that individuals with psychogenic pain have repressed narcissistic rage and their mind is using physical pain in an attempt to distract them from the painful thoughts so that they won’t reach consciousness. I am pretty skeptical about this theory, but I find it much easier to believe that the mind can cause pain for some reason, though maybe it isn’t always due to repressed rage.

He describes certain personality types that tend to have psychogenic pain, generally speaking, people who are ambitious and conscientious.

After reading the book, I am fairly convinced that their is some truth the what he is saying. I think everyone should be familiar with this concept just in case they ever experience this kind of chronic pain.

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