High-Intensity Training the Mike Mentzer Way

Written on April 27, 2018. Written by .

Mike Mentzer was a world-class bodybuilder and this book explains his approach to bodybuilding. It appears that he had a very scientific approach, although the book doesn’t go into the science much, instead just stating the main points. Some of the big points are: go to failure on each set (excepting some cases like warmup sets), if you aren’t making progress there’s a good chance that you need to work out less to allow more time for recovery (some people should only workout once per week or less for a half hour). The theme was to do short very high intensity workouts and take long breaks between workouts to allow for recovery. He also prescribes a specific workout routine that covers all the major muscles. His approach made a lot of sense to me and seems to be consistent with other research that I’ve done.

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