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Written on December 24, 2021. Written by .

I believe at this point we have enough information to make some educated predictions on the future of the COVID-19 dystopia.

There has been much talk about the vaccines being a depopulation program. There have been many reports of deaths and adverse effects which do seem to lend some credence to this idea, but if we think about it from the point of view of the elites, this theory doesn’t make much sense.

The elites have two simultaneous goals: domination and depopulation, with domination being the higher priority since they would not do anything to threaten their own power. If they were to kill off all the trusting and compliant people who submitted to the shots, they would be left with those who are immune to their brainwashing techniques. These people are the hardest to control and would be a major threat to their dominance if they were not stymied by the compliant. If the elites are smart enough to pull off a plan like this, they can’t be dumb enough to make a mistake like that.

This is why we’re witnessing the gradual persecution of the unvaccinated in the media and in escalating government policies. They are conditioning the vaccinated to accept this kind of persecution which would have been seen as intolerable just a couple years ago. Already in America and other Western countries, many unvaccinated citizens are being deprived of their ability to work and participate in society. Jewish holocaust survivors describe the same techniques used against them in Germany.

By observing other countries we can see a few steps ahead in the plan. In Austria they are already making vaccination mandatory and in Australia and Canada people are already being forced into concentration camps, referred to as “quarantine camps”. Of course initially these are for short stays in order to condition people to think of them as normal. The media has been quiet about these camps and when they are mentioned they are not portrayed as a serious problem. Those who warn or complain about them are already being silenced or ignored by the media.

Most people are probably inclined to give the benefit of the doubt here and assume that though things have gone a little overboard, it should get better soon. Anyone who realizes that this is a man-made virus and a highly coordinated propaganda campaign would know that people who are this evil would never relinquish a situation like this without trying for more than just vaccine profits.

In the near future, you might hear rumors of people being detained in camps for much longer than two weeks, but the media will dismiss these claims as “disinformation” or just claim they are still testing positive, because that’s what the government will tell the media. The compliant will trust the media and not bother to do anything about it just as they haven’t done anything for the January 6th political prisoners being tortured in DC.

Meanwhile the media will continue brainwashing the vaccinated to believe that there will never be an end to the pandemic if the unvaccinated are free to roam around. By the time they start to realize that people are being detained indefinitely in the concentration camps, they will already be ready to accept this as justified since they chose not to comply and there’s just no other solution, which is of course completely false. They have already done something similar with the 2020 election where even when a Biden voter realizes that the election was fraudulent, they claim that the fraud was justified because Trump was such a threat to our democracy. Yes, I’ve personally heard this from real people. Imagine believing that stealing an election is less of a threat to our democracy than a president who mean tweets. That’s the level of brainwashing we are dealing with.

Eventually, when the unvaccinated are thoroughly vilified and forgotten, they can be exterminated, which eliminates the biggest hurdle to the elite’s total domination.

Meanwhile the vaccinated will be enslaved by vaccine passports and an endless series of booster shots. Anybody who decides to get off the ride will be treated just like the unvaccinated, so each individual will select themselves for either extermination or slavery.

At the end of this process, those remaining will be the most slavish, trusting, and compliant people of the world. People will be required to get new boosters soon after they are released. At this point it will be simple to administer a special booster that sterilizes the desired fraction of the population to finally achieve the depopulation goal with little risk.

Obviously, this being a prediction, I can’t guarantee that all this will actually happen, but at the same time, this is not just a fictional story either. This is a logically deduced explanation that best matches the known data: the easily assumed goals of the elites and the already witnessed steps that have been taken.

It may still be hard to believe, but for those who have studied history it should be less difficult because there are plenty of examples of genocide to compare to.

And even if one concludes that it’s just not that convincing that something like this is actually happening, it should be considered: at what point is it appropriate to take action. If it’s only a 50% chance, should we keep waiting for more confirmation? This hesitancy plays into their hands.

Update 12-27-2021:

Q: How does this reconcile with the high levels of post-vaccination deaths seen in VAERS?

A: There are reports that different batches of Pfizer and Moderna have very different levels of adverse events (see http://howbad.info/). So perhaps the majority of vaccine recipients were given dilute or placebo doses that don’t really do anything. This would be consistent with how the vaccines haven’t seemed to help at all in terms of herd immunity. So why wouldn’t they give everyone placebos? If there was no apparent risk from taking the vaccine, there’s a chance that too many people would end up taking it and then the plan would fail to segregate and exterminate the free thinkers. By making it dangerous like Russian roulette, they can reliably separate out anyone who isn’t sufficiently brainwashed to trust the system with their life. Also, it creates a crab mentality effect in the vaccinated. Those who took the vaccine may feel that if they dove into a bucket where they could die, then everyone else should be forced into the bucket too so that everyone will share the same fate. This creates both additional support for vaccine passports to coerce more people into the bucket, and more antipathy towards those who remain outside the bucket, which supports the concentration camp part of the plan.

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